Poly-Film Covered Structures

Naturally Ventilated Poly-house (Rain-proof) (UV Stabilized Polyhouse)

Naturally ventilated polyhouses are the modern greenhouse structures for modern protected cultivation techniques which are made up of poly-film materials, that allows sunlight to enter while trapping heat inside.

Wire-Rope Poly-house (turnkey/ customized greenhouse project)

A wire rope polyhouse structure is a type of greenhouse structure that utilizes wire ropes or cable system as the primary support system at the top and usually poly-film or plastic- film are used as covering material.

Dome Roof Poly-Net house (turnkey/ customized greenhouse project)

A Dome Roof Poly-Net house, also commonly known as Round Type Poly-net house, Dome Roof Polyhouse, or Poly-Net House, is an agricultural greenhouse structure that combines the features of both conventional polyhouse and shade net house structure which is innovative and provides cutting edge technology in farming practice.

Multi Span Poly tunnels (turnkey/ customized greenhouse project)

Multi-span poly tunnels are High tunnels agricultural greenhouse structures made of dome shaped frames designed from materials like galvanized steel or GI pipes.

Single Span Poly tunnels (turnkey/ customized greenhouse project)

Single-span poly tunnels are greenhouse structures consisting of a single arched frame covered with polyethylene film. They provide a controlled environment for crop cultivation, protecting plants from adverse weather conditions and pests while allowing sunlight to enter for photosynthesis.

Fan-Pad Poly-house (forced Ventilated- Anti rain) (high-tech turnkey/ customized greenhouse project)

A fan-pad polyhouse, also known as a fan-pad greenhouse, is a controlled environment agricultural structure designed to maintain optimal growing conditions for crops through the use of evaporative cooling systems.

Poly House for Nursery / Plant Nursery Shade Net house

A poly house for nurseries is a controlled environment structure designed to foster optimal conditions for the propagation and early growth of plants. It serves as a protective enclosure, shielding young plants from adverse weather conditions and providing a conducive environment for healthy development.

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