Poly House for Nursery / Plant Nursery Shade Net house

Poly House for Nursery / Plant Nursery Shade Net house


A poly house for nurseries is a controlled environment structure designed to foster optimal conditions for the propagation and early growth of plants. It serves as a protective enclosure, shielding young plants from adverse weather conditions and providing a conducive environment for healthy development.

Common/ Referred names

These structures are commonly referred to as nursery poly houses, or nursery greenhouses within the horticultural community.

Technical Specifications

This polyhouse is constructed with materials such as galvanized steel or aluminum or PVC pipes or GI pipes, the outer framework of a nursery poly house provides the mechanical support and a covering made of transparent materials like plastic film or poly-film or apron sheets. These materials allow sunlight exposure to permeate while offering protection to the plants from external elements. Ventilation systems are often integrated to regulate airflow and temperature within the structure.


  • Seedling Propagation

    Providing a controlled environment for seed germination and early plant growth.

  • Transplant Production

    Serving as temporary homes for young plants before transplanting into larger containers or outdoor environments.

  • Plant Nursery Operations

    Commercial nurseries utilize these structures for cultivating a wide range of nursery stock, including trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants.

  • Research and Education

    Nursery poly houses serve as invaluable resources for research institutions and educational facilities studying plant propagation and nursery management practices.

  • Vegetable Seedling Production

    They play a crucial role in producing healthy vegetable seedlings for subsequent planting.


  • Early Plant Development

    Providing optimal conditions for seedling growth, leading to stronger and healthier plants.

  • Weather Protection

    Shielding young plants from adverse weather elements such as frost, hail, and excessive sunlight.

  • Pest and Disease Management

    Minimizing the risk of pest infestations and disease outbreaks through controlled environments.

  • Uniform Growth

    Ensuring consistent growth and development of seedlings, resulting in uniformity in size and quality.

  • Extended Growing Seasons

    Allowing for year-round cultivation and extending the availability of nursery stock.

  • Resource Efficiency

    Utilizing resources such as water and fertilizer efficiently, reducing waste and environmental impact.


In summary, nursery poly houses are integral components of modern horticulture, providing essential infrastructure for the propagation and cultivation of healthy plants in controlled environments.

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