Innovation in Protected Cultivation: Greenhouse, Polyhouse & Shade Net house

 With AgroDome Projects LLP, a Greenhouse manufacturing unit, upgrade and enhance your agriculture farming practice by   employing protected cultivation in polyhouses and shade net houses by utilizing cutting-edge technology in the construction  polyhouses, shade net houses, and fruit orchards.

A Vision in Bloom: The Agrodome Projects LLP Narrative

Our journey at Agrodome Projects LLP began in 2010, aiming to enhance farming practices with sustainable greenhouse structures. We manufacture polyhouses, shade-net houses, fruit orchards, dome roof greenhouses, high/low tunnels, and rain-proof structures. We support farmers by building environmentally friendly, weather-resistant greenhouses to improve crop yields using advanced controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology. Our expertise offers customized solutions for sustainable crop production.


Poly-Film Covered Structures

Poly film-covered greenhouses extend the growing season, protect plants from adverse weather, and create controlled horticultural environments economically.

Shade Net Covered Structures

Shade net houses protect crops by reducing sunlight and allowing airflow. Durable and adjustable, they prevent heat stress and enable photosynthesis.

Fruit Orchards Protection Systems

Fruit orchard structures optimize growth, manage the environment, and protect crops. They enhance sustainability, reduce resource use, and improve efficiency and profitability.


Here, you will discover a diverse range of greenhouse and polyhouse accessories specifically crafted to aid the crops in protected cultivation in safeguarding and enhancing the productivity of greenhouse. Our top-of-the-line greenhouse accessories are made from premium quality materials, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.

Greenhouse Covering Material- Greenhouse Accessories- Agrodome

Greenhouse Covering Material

Accessories for Agriculture Greenhouse Structures By Agrodome

Greenhouse Accessories

Greenhouse Accessories- fencing materials- Fencing nets-Agrodome

Fencing Materials


AgroDome Projects LLP, holds expertise in providing Project management service, agronomical support and greenhouse maintenance with their strong knowledge and great line of network in the respective field. Project management services, provided by us, where we craft everything from planning to maintenance of the greenhouse or polyhouse structure.

Project management services are provided by Agrodome for construction of greenhouse and polyhouses for protected cultivation

Project Management Services

Agronomy support- Agronomy support

Agronomy Support

Green House Maintenance

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Turn-Key Greenhouse Projects

A greenhouse is not just a frame with a cover. It is a collection of systems that work together to get the best results. We provide Project Management Services for the installation of agricultural greenhouse structures, by focusing on everything you need for your greenhouse. This includes irrigation, ventilation, heating, tables, trellises, lighting, growing materials, containers, ground cover, and even hydro-pond.  After we set up and install these systems, you can start planting.

Project Planning & Survey

Planning and surveying are foundational steps in the successful execution of agricultural greenhouse and protected cultivation projects.
Polyhouse, greenhouse and shade net house structure design in AutoCAD

Greenhouse Structure Designing

Optimize the layout of greenhouses, irrigation systems, access roads, and utility connections to maximize efficiency.

Greenhouse Material Manufacture

Manufacturing process for agricultural greenhouse structures involves from material selection to installation, and testing.
Agrodome- Flat Roof Greenhouse Structure- Construction

Greenhouse Structure Installation

Construction process for agricultural greenhouse structures involves execution, and testing to ensure the functionality, durability, and efficiency.
agronomy support

Agronomy Solution & Support

Expert guidance on crop management, soil health, nutrient optimization, pest and disease control, and environmental monitoring, ensuring optimal yields.
Greenhouse maintenance-Agrodome

Greenhouse Maintenance Service

Regular inspection, cleaning, repair, and maintenance practices, for optimal growth of crops, and minimize risks of structural failure or crop loss.

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Happy Growers


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At AgroDome Projects LLP, we believe that the quality of our greenhouse solutions is deeply rooted in the excellence of our suppliers. We are proud to partner with some of the industry’s most reputable and innovative suppliers to bring you the best in agricultural technology and materials. Here’s a look at our esteemed suppliers who help us deliver unmatched quality and performance

Leading the Way in Modern Agriculture

Join us in redefining agriculture through innovation and excellence. Discover the Agrodome Projects LLP difference – where expertise meets commitment, and cultivation reaches new heights.

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