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The Agrodome Projects LLP Journey

A Vision in Bloom: The Agrodome Projects LLP Narrative

Our journey at Agrodome Projects LLP embarked in 2010 with a clear purpose: to enhance farming practices and  provide sustainable protected cultivation techniques. We envisioned to render relentless assistance to farmers and the agricultural corporations in building greenhouses which are environment-friendly and steadfast to combat weather adversities. We provide unwavering commitment to improve and increase crop yields by developing  and delivering advanced farming products that leverage cutting-edge technology. We hold  expertise in offering customized solutions for protected cultivation that would enable farmers in producing crops sustainably.

The core competency of our company lies in innovation. Our consistent effort is to create the space for structures that cater the specific needs of farmers. Agriculture being a dynamic industry, our motive is to stay ahead of the curve by providing farmers with the latest and most effective tools available with maximum capacity,

Agrodome Projects LLP, our journey began in 2010 with a core motive: to revolutionize modern agriculture practices and enhance farming through turnkey greenhouse projects and protected cultivation. We envisaged  becoming leading greenhouse installers and providing persistent support to farmers and agricultural corporations in executing greenhouse structures that harness modern methods of agriculture.

Our emphasis lies in developing greenhouse frameworks  and polyhouses tailored for protected farming, enhancing crop production while ensuring sustainability. As experienced polyhouse manufacturers, we have gained expertise in offering turnkey solutions for polyhouse farming, catering to the specific needs of farmers.

With an emphasis on innovation, we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve in modern agricultural techniques. Our goal is to facilitate farmers by providing them with the latest equipment and technologies for protected cultivation with our own tailored greenhouse structures..

Through our dedication to  greenhouse projects and protected cultivation, we aim to culminate a significant increase in contribution to the agricultural sector and reach its pinnacle. Agrodome strives to encourage sustainable farming practices and enhance productivity, ultimately framing the future of agriculture.

In the essence, Agrodome is your modern trusted partner for building robust  greenhouse projects, offering advanced solutions for protected cultivation and polyhouse farming. Join us in embracing modern methods of agriculture and establishing a more sustainable and prosperous future.

Our Mission - At AgroDome Projects LLP

Our mission at Agrodome is to empower farmers worldwide with innovative solutions that revolutionize agriculture, enhance productivity, and promote sustainability in protected cultivation. Through cutting-edge technology, tailored products, and unwavering dedication, we strive to elevate farming practices and improve crop yields. We are committed to fostering a global community of successful agricultural entrepreneurs while championing environmental stewardship and social responsibility in all that we do. At Agrodome, we believe in cultivating a better future for farmers, communities, and the planet.

Our Vision- At AgroDome Projects LLP

Our vision is to continuously expand and introduce innovative agricultural greenhouse structures that provide protected cultivation. We remain committed to support farmers and in their pursuit of profitability and sustainability. By embracing innovations and fostering strong relations with our AgroDome customers, we aim to remain at the forefront of the agricultural technology sector, providing impactful and efficient solutions for the farmers and drive the protected cultivation in agricultural polyhouses forward.

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

Prioritize satisfaction, exceed expectations with solutions.


Unwavering commitment to excellence and reliability.


Built on honesty, ethics, fostering trust.


Take responsibility, achieve global project success.

Why Choose AgroDome?

Tailored Solutions

Understanding each client's unique needs, we provide customized solutions for optimal results in agricultural projects.

Lasting Quality

AgroDome crafts durable greenhouse and shade nethouse solutions for longevity, ensuring sustained performance and lasting quality.

Personal Supervision

Our commitment to overseeing every project aspect ensures success from conception to completion, setting us apart.

High Performance

Engineered for excellence, our products boost crop yields and overall agricultural efficiency with reliable high-performance solutions.

Decades of Experience

With over a decade's expertise, our team serves locally and globally, playing a pivotal role in agricultural project success.

Wind Resistant

Designed to endure diverse weather conditions, our structures offer high wind resistance, providing a secure environment for crops.

A Vision in Bloom: The Agrodome Projects LLP Narrative

Our journey at Agrodome Projects LLP began in 2010, aiming to enhance farming practices with sustainable greenhouse structures. We manufacture polyhouses, shade-net houses, fruit orchards, dome roof greenhouses, high/low tunnels, and rain-proof structures. We support farmers by building environmentally friendly, weather-resistant greenhouses to improve crop yields using advanced controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology. Our expertise offers customized solutions for sustainable crop production.



Haresh Senghani

(COO, Financial Head)

Hitesh Limbani

(CEO, Marketing Head)

Tirthi Shah

Sales & Marketing Manager, BDM

Dinesh Kanotara

Accounting manager, Admin Head

Ramesh Sharma

Area manager (Rajasthan), Marketing

Freya Solanki

Digital marketing executive, CRM

Virendra Kumar

Site & Installation Manager

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