Fan-Pad Poly-house (forced Ventilated- Anti rain) (high-tech turnkey/ customized greenhouse project)

Fan-Pad Poly-house (forced Ventilated- Anti rain)
(high-tech turnkey/ customized greenhouse project)


A fan-pad polyhouse, also known as a fan-pad greenhouse, is a controlled environment agricultural structure designed to maintain optimal growing conditions for crops through the use of evaporative cooling systems. It typically consists of a rigid frame covered with transparent material such as glass or polycarbonate panels, with an integrated system of fans and cooling pads to regulate temperature and humidity.

Common/ Referred names

Fan-pad polyhouses may also be referred to as fan-pad greenhouses, cooled greenhouses, artificial environment polyhouse, climate-controlled greenhouse/polyhouse, forced ventilated polyhouse, Rain proof polyhouse, Dome shaped Fan-Pad Polyhouse, Dome shaped Polyhouse or fan-pad climate-controlled polyhouses.

Technical Specifications

  • Structure

    The frame of a fan-pad polyhouse is typically constructed from durable materials like galvanized steel or aluminum to provide structural stability and support.

  • Covering Material

    Transparent materials such as glass or polycarbonate panels are used to cover the frame, allowing sunlight to enter while trapping heat inside the structure.

  • Cooling System

    The primary feature of a fan-pad polyhouse is the evaporative cooling system, consisting of fans and wet cellulose pads installed on one end of the greenhouse. The fans draw warm air through the wet pads, causing water to evaporate and cool the air before it enters the growing area.

  • Heating System

    In colder climates, supplementary heating systems such as boilers, furnaces, or radiant heaters may be installed to maintain optimal temperatures during cooler periods

  • Automation

    Many fan-pad polyhouses are equipped with automated climate control systems that monitor and adjust temperature, humidity, and ventilation settings based on preset parameters and sensor inputs.

  • Ventilation

    Additional ventilation may be provided through sidewall vents, roof vents, or ridge vents to regulate airflow and temperature inside the polyhouse.


  • Commercial Crop Production

    Fan-pad polyhouses are commonly used for the commercial cultivation of high-value crops such as vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants. The controlled environment provided by these structures allows for year-round production and higher crop yields.

  • Research and Development

    These polyhouses are valuable tools for agricultural research institutions, universities, and breeding companies conducting studies on crop physiology, climate management, and greenhouse technology.

  • Seedling Production

    Fan-pad polyhouses provide an ideal environment for seedling propagation and nursery operations, ensuring uniform germination and healthy plant growth.

  • Specialty Crop Cultivation

    They are suitable for growing specialty crops that require precise environmental control, such as medicinal herbs, microgreens, and hydroponic vegetables.

  • Climate-Sensitive Crops

    Fan-pad polyhouses are particularly beneficial for cultivating crops sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations, allowing farmers to mitigate the risks associated with adverse weather conditions.



Product Type:Fan Pad Greenhouse/ Polyhouse
Top Vent Type:Dome Roof (Round type)
Available Size:500 m2 / 1000 m2 / 2000 m2 / 4000 m2
Grid:8 m x 4 m, 9.6 m x 4 m
Gutter center/Height:4.0 m / 6 m, 4.0 m / 5.5 m, 3.0 m / 5.5 m
Hockey:2.0 m, 2.5 m
Side Covering:Insect net, 110 GSM, Polyfilm, Apron Sheet
Top Covering:200 Micron Polyfilm, Rain Protection Net
Second Layer:Inside Sliding Net cover available
Drip irrigation:Inline drip irrigation system, Fogging or Sprinkler with filters.
Usage/ application:Vegetable Farming (Capsicum, cucumber, chillies, tomato etc.), Horticulture, Flower farming, Herbs cultivation, nursery farming, fruits farming (banana, papaya), Tissue Culturing etc.


  • Precise Climate Control

    Fan-pad polyhouses offer precise control over temperature and humidity levels, creating optimal growing conditions for crops throughout the year.

  • Energy Efficiency

    The evaporative cooling system consumes less energy compared to traditional air conditioning systems, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact

  • Increased Crop Quality and Yield

    The controlled environment provided by fan-pad polyhouses promotes healthy plant growth, leading to higher-quality crops with improved yield and marketability.

  • Year-Round Production

    Fan-pad polyhouses allow for year-round crop production, enabling farmers to capitalize on market demand and maximize profitability.

  • Reduced Disease Pressure

    By controlling humidity levels and improving airflow, these polyhouses help reduce the risk of fungal diseases and pest infestations, leading to healthier crops and lower pesticide usage.

  • Adaptability

    These structures can be customized to suit the specific needs of different crops and growing conditions, providing flexibility for farmers to diversify their production and optimize resource utilization.


In summary, fan-pad polyhouses offer a sophisticated solution for climate-controlled crop production, providing farmers with the means to optimize growing conditions, increase crop yields, and maximize profitability while minimizing environmental impact.

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