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Tomato and Capsicum Cultivation in Wire Rope Flat Roof Shade Net House Projects by AgroDome Projects LLP in Mundra, Kutch


In the realm of modern farming, the pursuit of innovative solutions drives us towards more sustainable practices. Agrodome Projects LLP stands as a pioneer in this endeavor, introducing groundbreaking technologies like the Wire Rope Flat Roof Shade Net House. This remarkable structure, combined with advanced methods such as drip irrigation and trellising systems, offers an optimal environment for cultivating tomatoes and capsicums.

In the arid landscapes of Mundra, Kutch, where the sun reigns supreme, Agrodome Projects LLP introduces a transformative solution for agricultural endeavors. Their Shade Net House Projects redefine the possibilities of farming, particularly for tomatoes and capsicums, offering a haven of controlled conditions amidst the challenging environment.

Exploring Shade Net House Projects in Mundra, Kutch:

Agrodome Projects LLP’s Shade Net House Project in Mundra, Kutch, epitomise innovation in agriculture. These structures serve as shields against the harsh sun and erratic weather, creating an oasis for delicate crops like tomatoes and capsicums. Crafted with precision and durability, they stand as beacons of hope for farmers seeking sustainable and reliable cultivation methods

The Wire Rope Flat Roof Shade Net House, a testament to AgroDome’s commitment to excellence, revolutionizes traditional farming techniques. Crafted with precision, this structure provides a sheltered environment that shields crops from harsh sunlight and adverse weather, all while ensuring proper ventilation. Its sturdy design, featuring flat roof wire rope shade netting, guarantees durability, making it a cornerstone of sustainable agriculture.

Harnessing Drip Irrigation for Optimal Water Management:

Central to efficient water usage is drip irrigation, championed by Agrodome Projects within the Wire Rope Flat Roof Shade Net House. This method delivers water directly to plant roots, minimizing waste and optimizing moisture levels. By precisely controlling irrigation schedules and amounts, farmers can maintain ideal growing conditions for tomatoes and capsicums, fostering robust growth and maximizing yields.

Embracing Innovative Trellising Systems for Vertical Growth:

Within the confines of the Wire Rope Flat Roof Shade Net House, the trellising system emerges as a game-changer in vegetable farming. By training tomato and capsicum plants to grow vertically along trellises, space is maximized, and airflow is improved. This proactive approach not only reduces the risk of diseases but also makes maintenance and harvesting more efficient, streamlining agricultural operations.

Optimizing Crop Growth with Controlled Environments

Within the confines of the Shade Net House Projects, Agrodome empowers farmers with the ability to finely tune environmental conditions. With optimal levels of sunlight, temperature, and humidity, tomatoes and capsicums thrive, irrespective of the challenging external climate. This level of control ensures consistent yields and high-quality produce, fostering economic stability for farmers in Mundra, Kutch.

Implementing Advanced Cultivation Techniques:

Agrodome Projects LLP doesn’t stop at just providing shelter. They integrate advanced cultivation techniques within the Shade Net House Projects to maximize productivity. From drip irrigation systems that efficiently deliver water to trellising systems that optimize space and airflow, every aspect is meticulously designed to enhance crop growth and minimize resource wastage.

Empowering Farmers for Sustainable Agriculture

By partnering with Agrodome Projects LLP, farmers in Mundra, Kutch, are empowered to embrace sustainable agriculture practices. Through the utilization of Shade Net House Projects, they reduce dependency on erratic weather patterns and mitigate risks associated with crop failure. This not only ensures food security but also contributes to the conservation of water and land resources.

Advantages of Vegetable Farming in a Flat Roof Net House:

The adoption of a flat roof net house for vegetable farming offers numerous advantages aligned with sustainable agriculture. With precise control over environmental factors like light and humidity, farmers can mitigate risks and enhance crop quality. Furthermore, the structure’s versatility enables year-round cultivation, ensuring a consistent supply of fresh produce regardless of seasonal variations.

Key Highlights:
  • Protection from Weather: Shield tomatoes and capsicums from extreme weather like sun, wind, and hail.
  • Reduced Pest Damage: Barrier against pests, reducing the need for pesticides.
  • Temperature & Humidity Regulation: Maintain optimal growing conditions for healthier plants.
  • Extended Growing Season: Allows for year-round cultivation, and fetches a higher price in off-season
  • Space Optimization: Trellising allows vertical growth.
  • Improved Fruit Quality: Ensure uniform size, shape, color, and fewer blemishes.
  • Cucumber plants grow uniformly within a protected cultivation structure.
Our Customized Features and Specifications
  • Span x Bay (meter) – 8 x 4, 8 x 5, 8 x 6
  • Height (meter) – 3, 4, 5
  • GI Pipe (Round) Column/s (Hot Dip Galvanized Iron) (OD in mm) – 48, 60, 76, 90
  • Thickness of GI Pipe/s (mm) – 2, 2.9, 4.3
  • GI Wire Rope/s (Galvanized Iron) (mm) – 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
  • Roof Covering – Shade Net (Mono x Mono), 70 – 140 GSM, 10 – 75% Shading, UV Protected, Color: White, Transparent, White x Black, Green etc.
Side Covering –
  •  Option 1 – Insect Net, 40 / 50 Mesh, 110 – 125 GSM, UV Protected, Color: White, Transparent, Green, etc.
  •  Option 2 – Shade Net (Mono x Mono), 70 – 140 GSM, 10 – 75% Shading, UV Protected, Color: White, Transparent, White x Black, Green etc.
  • 2nd Layer Roof Covering – Possible
  • Trellising Support System – Possible

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