Retractable Flat Roof Shade Net House

Retractable Flat Roof Shade Net House


An innovative and modern agricultural greenhouse structure which is specially designed to regulate the shade covering in order to provide shade and protection to crops while offering the flexibility to adjust sunlight exposure as needed. It features a flat roof supported by a framework, typically made of metal or PVC pipes, covered with shade netting material that can be retracted or extended as require, this structure is known as Retractable flat roof shade net house.

Common/ Referred names

This type of structure may also be referred to as a dome-shaped shade net house, dome roof net house, Round (Type) Top Shade Net House (GI Pipe Structure), or simply a shaded dome house.


Technical Specifications

  • Frame Material

    The framework of the retractable shade net house is usually constructed using metal or PVC pipes, providing structural support and stability to the retractable roof system.

  • Optional Features

    Additional features such as roll-up side walls, insect-proof screens, and irrigation systems can be integrated into the net house design as per specific requirements.

  • Netting Material

    High-quality shade netting, commonly made of nylon, is used to cover the frame, providing shade to crops while allowing adequate ventilation and light transmission.

  • Dimensions

    Retractable flat roof shade net houses come in various sizes, with widths and lengths customizable to fit specific agricultural needs and available space.

  • Roof Design

    The roof of the retractable shade net house is flat and equipped with a retractable mechanism, allowing the shade netting material to be extended or retracted as needed.

  • Anchoring

    Secure anchoring systems, such as ground stakes or concrete footings, are used to anchor the structure firmly to the ground, ensuring stability, especially in windy conditions.


  • Crop Cultivation

    These structures are suitable for cultivating a wide range of crops, including vegetables, fruits, flowers, and nursery stock, providing a controlled environment for healthy plant growth.

  • Nursery Operations

    Retractable flat roof shade net houses are ideal for seedling propagation and nursery operations, offering a protected environment for young plants to thrive.

  • Research and Education

    They serve as valuable tools for agricultural research institutions, universities, and educational facilities for studying crop production, pest management, and greenhouse technology.


Product Type: Flat Roof Shade Net house (Pipe Structure)
Roof Type: Flat Roof
Available Size: 500 m2 / 1000 m2 / 2000 m2 / 4000 m2 / 8000 m2 / 12000 m2
Grid: 6 m x 4 m (NHB guidelines), 6 m x 6m, 4 m x 4 m
Side center/Height: 4.0 m / 4.0 m, 5.0 / 5.0 m, 5.8 m / 5.8 m
Hockey: 2.0 m, 2.5 m, 3.0 m, 3.5 m
Side Covering: Insect net, 110 GSM, Mono x Mono net with Apron Sheet 140 GSM
Top Covering: Mono x Mono net 100 TO 125 GSM
Second Layer: Inside Sliding Net cover available
Trellising System: 5 mm, 4 mm Rope wire with 3 mm Plastic wire
Drip irrigation: Inline drip irrigation system, Fogging or Sprinkler with filters.
Usage/ application: Vegetable Farming (Capsicum, cucumber, chillies, tomato etc.), Flower farming, Herbs cultivation, nursery farming, etc.


  • Flexible Sunlight Control

    Allows for easy adjustment of sunlight exposure and shade levels, enabling growers to optimize growing conditions for different crops and seasons.

  • Temperature Regulation

    Maintains cooler temperatures inside the net house, creating a favorable environment for plant growth, especially during hot weather.

  • Natural Ventilation

    Allows for controlled airflow, preventing heat buildup and humidity levels, promoting healthy plant growth.

  • Pest and Bird Control

    Acts as a barrier against pests, insects, and birds, reducing crop damage and losses.

  • Year-Round Cultivation

    Enables year-round crop production, extending the growing season and maximizing yield potential.

  • Adaptability

    Can be customized to accommodate various crops and growing systems, offering flexibility to meet specific agricultural needs and preferences.

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

    Simple construction and maintenance requirements make retractable flat roof shade net houses easy to install and manage, reducing labor and operational costs.

  • Cost-Effective

    Retractable flat roof shade net houses are relatively affordable compared to traditional greenhouse structures, making them accessible to small-scale farmers and growers.


In summary, retractable flat roof shade net houses offer flexible sunlight control, temperature regulation, natural ventilation, and pest control, making them valuable assets for crop production, nursery operations, and research in agriculture.

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